pac man free template

Pac man free template.

Pac-man game templates is very simple and for new developer who want to learn basic concepts of development and want to make games.
I have added animation sprite sheets, background, UI design etc so you can make a game and play in your iphone6 or anywhere you want.
Pac-man-game-templates details
Background: “ pac-man-game-tile-01.png”
Characters: “pac-man_enemy-character01 Down_view
pac-man_hero-character01 “Idle pac-man_character_die run_eat
Flash file in each category ” Coins_power_extra time (UI-design)
(How game will look. This mockup is for developer to develop and arrange levels)
(NOTE: If more UI or animations need then contact me on with your detailed requirement.
My service charges will be extra for those new UI & animation and it will be outside from

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